Kannada Rajyotsva Celebrations, 2016

Ethnic Day, 2016 at Arena RT Nagar


Dasara Celebrations at Arena RT Nagar

Orbit Live 2014

 Beyond just the educational point of view, the co-curricular activities also play an important role in the learning and overall development of a student. Arena RT Nagar arranges a number of events that are useful to students in a number of ways. Also events such as job fair, training programs prove to be extremely useful to students many factors of their life as well as career.
   The whole idea and purpose of arranging events, fair and so on comes from the very basic proverb we learn as children—“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The idea here is to provide a new field for the students to experiment their talents and idea with creativity with a combination of engulfing team spirit and well a competitive spirit that fires the urge to prove themselves and showcase their ideas and talent and all this comes with a number of eye catching prizes that prove to be real gift for their hard work as well as a memento of their victory, team spirit and creativity.